A Smart City Framework

Talisen combines decades of experience in managing mission-critical, city-wide projects with the latest technology platforms and applications to orchestrate a robust Smart City Framework to deliver clear end-to-end objectives for any Smart City.

The Platform

Providing single pane access to real-time information from all devices, systems, and applications which enables city administrators to make intelligent and informed decisions. While providing an open data policy and interoperability across all systems, the Platform also ensures scalability and flexibility required for a growing city or community.

The Technology

The underlying architecture of the Smart City framework is built on future technologies that can adapt to varying demands of a city’s infrastructure.

  • Internet of Things
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cognitive Technology
  • Machine Learning
Smart City Technology

The Solution

A suite of smart systems and applications is seamlessly integrated into the Platform to provide various stakeholders visibility and control on anything and everything in the city from a Command Control Center.

The individual systems provide real-time information related to various aspects in a city to bring efficiency and optimization for a better living environment.

Key Statistics

Annual Utility Spend
Square Meters Monitored
Data Points
Utility Bills
Connected IoT Devices
Buildings Monitored