Providing enterprise visibility to support strategic decisions

Who we are

Talisen International LLC is the international subsidiary of Talisen Technologies Inc. based in the United States. We are focused on selling proven, large-scale IoT-driven facilities and energy management technologies to the Middle East and Asia.

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Why we are different

We are a master integrator capable of collecting data from multiple sub-systems and present it as a single centralized enterprise view. By leveraging established technologies and business processes, we can provide enterprise cost cutting solutions for large and medium-size clients.

Central Command Center:

Talisen can help organizations set up and manage a state-of-the-art Central Command Center (CCC) that allows them to collect, normalize and analyze data from a variety of equipment, sensors and software applications.

This data convergence provides a high level of insight and transparency into operational processes across the enterprise improving efficiency and lowering costs. The collected data is seamlessly integrated and visualized via actionable analytic dashboards.

Our pledge to you

Talisen International will provide clients with a straight-forward, vendor agnostic roadmap to achieve energy and operational efficiencies against a baseline.