Energy Management and Analysis

Performing audits of building performance

Our team of energy engineers utilize the Enterprise Sustainability Platform to perform audits of building performance. This includes analysis of building automation system performance, making recommendations for energy conservation measures (ECMs) and subsequent measurement and verification.

Software Development

Delivering custom application development services

We provide custom application development services to our clients, including customized reports extending from our Enterprise Sustainability Platform, supply chain systems as well as facilities management. Our team of software engineers are able to support a wide variety of technology platforms.

System Administration

System administrative services and managing database platforms

Our team of admins provide remote system administration services on MS Windows, Oracle Solaris, various Linux distributions. We also manage database platforms including Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. In addition, we provide hosting through Amazon Web Services (AWS) from a variety of regions around the globe.

Network Analytics

Design and implementation of network security infrastructure

Our network engineering team specializes in the design and implementation of network security infrastructure, including perimeter security, intrusion detection and monitoring. We also provide penetration testing and vulnerability assessments for many of our clients.

Staff Augmentation

Offering technical professionals to achieve resource requirements

Our staff augmentation practice provides our clients with the technical professionals required to achieve their short and long-term resource requirements. Our clients reduce recruiting and training expenses and mitigate the risk of hiring full-time resources.