Command and Control Center

Smart City Integration Platform: A single window access to real-time smart city information

Talisen’s Enterprise Sustainability Platform (ESP) is a smart city integration platform that helps business owners gain centralized visibility into the overall business operations from a single sign-on window. The platform provides business intelligence, data analysis, trends and cost savings for an entire portfolio.

With this platform, a Command & Control Center can access, collect, normalize and analyze data from a variety of equipment, software and applications. The ability to converge data from various repositories into a single master data warehouse provides a high level of insight and transparency into operational processes across the enterprise improving efficiency and lowering costs. The collected data is seamlessly integrated and visualized via actionable analytic dashboards.

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Enterprise Sustainability Platform’s

Suite of Applications


  • Compatible with physical or virtual IoT gateways
  • Open protocol integration with BMS (Modbus/BacNet/ZigBee)
  • Supports TCP/IP IT protocols such as SQL, (s)FTP, HTTP(s)
  • Provides an encrypted secure data push from the field to the hosting facility


  • Aggregating bulk data types to generate meaningful insights and optimize energy use
  • District level KPI monitoring and reporting
  • Statistical energy savings analysis considering weather and occupational patterns
  • Enables data-driven automation and controls strategy


  • Role-based multi-user and dashboard accessible from the cloud
  • Interactive and real-time data representations
  • Kiosk mode for public communications display


  • Interval data analysis to create building profiles
  • Create signatures of consumption profiles for different equipment in the building
  • Compare multiple data types and time lines
  • Mitigates energy and water wastage by taking corrective actions


  • Energy analysis using regression analysis
  • Energy load analysis based on metering data
  • Virtual Energy Audit
  • Utility bill tracking and monitoring


  • Equipment level data monitoring to identify anomalies
  • Identify performance trends to pick compliance deviations
  • Bulk equipment alert management across a large number of buildings and assets
  • Custom point rule manager

Data Acquisition Gateway

Data Collection and Distribution Framework for IoT Devices

Talisen’s ESP is complete with a robust data integration middleware component called the Data Acquisition Gateway (DAG). The DAG is a multi-tiered data collection and distribution framework designed for integration with building automation system (BAS) protocols, as well as other TCP/IP based protocols.

Talien’s gateway consists of a system scheduler to allow polling of systems at different intervals and data access is organized as a collection or protocol and device drivers. The DAG supports a number of standard TCP/IP IT protocols such as SQL, (s)FTP, HTTP(s), OPC, etc., as well as standard BAS protocols such as BACNet/IP, Modbus/IP. The modular protocol/device driver architecture allows for easy extensibility.

Field gateway for cloud monitoring

Multi-integration middleware

Allows 3rd party API integrations